The Watcher VII

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I feel taxi girls thighs twitch as she lets out a moan.

'Let's get comfortable,' she says, and gestures toward the leather chaise.

Taxi girls lies down and spreads her legs in invitation. I don't hesitate, I position my body over hers like a cat about to get the cream and resume my tongue exploration of her sweet tasting pussy.

I tease her; my tongue circles her lips, licking and flicking, I barely flick her clit, but when I do, she thrusts forward wanting more.

The man joins us, he pours champagne over my tailbone and it trickles down my ass, at the same time the love eggs kick in again and start to vibrate.

The vibration is so intense it drives me crazy and I drive my tongue in to taxi girls dripping pussy, she tastes so good and I can feel her wetness on my mouth.

Then I feel a wetness; the man is lubricating my ass with a warm silky liquid and as I drive my tongue in again to taste more of sweet taxi girl, the man drives his hard cock in to my ass.

The love eggs vibrate faster as the man thrusts his cock back and forth, I ache with pleasure and want him deeper and deeper and I push back to meet his every thrust.

'Bad girl,' he says, as he strikes my ass with a couple of burning slaps.

I'm out of control, my tongue is now fast and firm on taxi girls erect clit, I insert a thumb in to her wet pussy and steady myself on an elbow so as not to collapse from the hard fucking the man is giving me.

I suck gently on her clit and rub it with my tongue, taxi girl circles her hips frantically as she lets out an orgasmic moan deep from within and I taste her sweet juice.

I am very close to the point of no return as I feel the mans cock get harder and start to pulse, at the same time the love eggs speed up and I hear the mans audible appreciation of my tight ass in combination with the vibrating eggs... I know he feels these too.

I hear our moans, animalistic and loud, my slippery hot ass rushes to meet the base of his shaft with every thrust, we both let out a final cry as the man bends to sweep my hair to one side and deliver a hard bite to my neck.

We come hard and fast, the muscles in my pussy spasm and contract as does my anus, the man has quite a load and he pulls out to release some of his fiery come over my backside. We slouch down, and the three of us just lie motionless.

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The Watcher VI

Continued from previous post

As I throw my head back I notice a small camera tracking our movements, I let my eyes wonder for a few seconds and quickly realise there are a number of small cameras at different locations, set at different angles, capturing this scene.

Just then another text arrives "now that u know i've got u covered i want u 2 make the most of it. a man will join u now u must comply with his wishes."

Right on cue a man walks over with another bottle of champagne, he wears just a robe, and I can clearly see he is already aroused. He lets the robe fall down and looks me straight in the eyes, he holds my gaze as he sits down opposite us and strokes his hard cock.

'I hope you've enjoyed the foreplay,' he says, 'I certainly have.'

He gestures to taxi girl and she whispers in my ear.

'Slowly undress me,' she says, and then stands up in front of me.

I stand up and face taxi girl, I start to unbutton her waistcoat and as I do so she wets her fingers and resumes her teasing of my pussy. Next I take off her shirt, just as it slips off her shoulders she directs one of my hands to her pert breasts. Without further prompts I lower my mouth and flick my tongue over one erect nipple and then the other I push her breasts together so that I can flick both nipples simultaneously.

I close my eyes and suck hard on both nipples and as I do so taste champagne... the man is now stood beside us and is pouring the pink fizz over taxi girls breasts. I continue to lick and suck while also taking taxi girl's trousers off, her red panties are wet and reveal a very peachy behind.

I slowly move to a squatting position and take in taxi girl's sweet scent, my hands cup her peachy ass, I press my fingers in to its flesh and gently flick my tongue over her hard clit.

To be continued...

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The Watcher V

Continued from previous post

The vibration of the love eggs increase and I am unable to keep my legs from moving, as I part them wider still, taxi girl quickly lifts her glass of champagne and pours the pink fizz over my already wet sex.

I shudder and thrust my pelvis forward, her mouth meets mine and we kiss urgently, she tastes good, and her skin feels so soft.

Her mouth leaves mine and momentarily rests on my neck, her warm tongue travels down my neck over my collar bone and stops briefly at my ample cleavage. Then I feel one of her hands cup the contour of my left breast and her mouth moves down to gently bite my erect nipple through the fabric of my dress, I moan and pull her towards me, and we tumble in to a reclined position.

Taxi girl reaches for the bottle of champagne, with one hand she pulls my dress up and with the other she trickles the bubbly over my breasts, my belly, my aching pussy.

She lays the bottle down and returns her mouth to my breasts, her tongue swirls around my nipples barely touching them, she licks in long strokes from the curve of my breasts to the nipples, then she sucks my bullet nipples so hard I almost let out a loud moan.

She continues to caress my breasts as a hand finds my thrusting pussy, her fingers trace circles on the lips between my parted legs, her fingers circle and circle, then she stiffens her fingers and pats my erect sex three times in quick succession. I throw my head back and let out a deep moan.

To be continued...

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The Watcher IV

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The rules are I have to obey, no matter what the command. I take another sip of champagne and then I do as requested.

The vibrating of the love eggs make me rock my hips back and forth and my dress rides up as I slowly try to rub my sex against the leather seat.

Another text arrives "i want u to part your legs wider. someone is going to join you now. don't stop what you're doing."

I see a face I recognise coming towards me, the cat eyes taxi driver. She's wearing dark trousers with a waistcoat, and white shirt, and her pretty feet click their way over to me in a pair of black high heels.

She arrives at the table and sits down opposite me, she gives me that relaxed smile again then runs her tongue over her upper lip.

'Please, don't stop.' She says, as she pours herself a glass of champagne. She takes a sip then dips a middle finger in to the glass and then runs the wet finger around the rim, the glass sings in appreciation.

The vibration of the love eggs increases and I start to rock back and forth a little faster, as I do so she approaches with her glass of champagne. She takes a mouthful and bends over so that her mouth meets mine, I part my lips and she kisses me, our tongues dance as the champagne trickles down my throat.

She sits down next to me now and dips a finger in to the champagne again, she offers me her finger, teases me with it, traces my mouth with it, dips it back in to the champagne and then quickly presses it against my mouth. I suck it gently as she slowly moves it in and out.

To be continued...

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The Watcher III

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'This is Zuka Bar,' she says, and swiftly comes round to my side and opens the car door for me.

As I step out my face meets hers and she gives me a relaxed smile again, she puts up a hand and shakes her head as I go to pay.

'No need,' she says. 'Your ride was pre-paid, have a lovely evening.' She gets back behind the wheel and as she drives off I'm certain she gives me a wink.

Arriving at Zuka the doorman asks me my name. 'Venus,' I say, and he promptly ushers me inside to a reserved table.

My taxi driver was right, Zuka Bar is very intimate. The table I'm sat at is tucked away through an alcove which is framed with heavy, red velvet drapes, and I'm sitting comfortably on a soft, black leather chaise. The lighting is low and I can smell the sweet aroma of ylang ylang.

A handsome barman arrives with a bottle of champagne and three glasses. 'The others will be here shortly madam,' he says, popping the cork and filling my glass with Laurent Perrier Rose, which just happens to be my favourite. 'Can I get you anything else while you wait?' He asks.

'Oh no thank you, I'm fine, very fine,' I reply, 'will the others be long?'

'No madam.' He says, and goes back to the bar area.

I take a sip of my champagne and at the same time feel a sudden slow vibration from the love eggs that I inserted earlier in the evening. My mobile sounds a text alert.

"i want u to slightly part your legs"

To be continued...

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The Watcher II

Continued from previous post

As I step outside the taxi driver gets out of the car to open the door for me to get in, and I notice that this is no ordinary taxi driver.

She is tall and slender with short jet black hair, and has green cat like eyes that follow my every move as I carefully slide on to the back seat so as not to expose my lack of lingerie.

She gives me a relaxed smile as she closes the door, and I can't help but hold her gaze as she walks around to the drivers side and slips behind the steering wheel.

'Zuka Bar, is this right?' She says with a French accent.

'Yes!' I say. 'You know where it is?' My eyes fall to her mouth as she begins to respond.

'Of course, have you been there before?' She asks.

'No, first time, I'm meeting someone there,' I reply as her eyes meet mine briefly in the rear view mirror. 'You've been to Zuka?

'A few times,' she says as she runs her tongue slowly across her upper lip. 'It is very different I think, and intimate, you will have fun.

'As I shift back a little in the seat I can feel her eyes on me, she catches glimpses in the rear view mirror. I sit silently and wonder if she too can feel my eyes on her.

To be continued...

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The Watcher I

The package arrived in the post and I am to follow the instructions to the letter. Lying naked on the bed I part the lips of my aching pussy and insert the love eggs, as I do so I feel a gentle throb of excitement from deep within and my ample nipples become erect.

I carefully read the instructions. I will receive text messages at intervals and under no circumstances can I refuse to obey the commands. At no point in the evening should I try to find out the identity of the watcher.

I pile my long auburn hair up and give it that tousled look, apply make-up. and then dress in something suitable for the evening, a little black dress, no bra, no panties, and of course a sexy pair of high heels.

Checking myself in the mirror I notice how my nipples are trying to break free from the fabric of my dress, there is to be no hiding the state of my arousal.

I receive the first text message. "a taxi will pick u up at 8pm and take u to zuka bar, someone will meet u there"

Just before stepping out in to the balmy summer evening I stop at the door and put on my glass choker necklace, it is warm and smooth, and just the feeling of it around my neck awakens my desire to be touched.

To be continued...

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